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Tartarus (冥府の門, タルタロス, Tarutarosu) is one of the three major Dark Guilds and a member of the Balam Alliance, alongside



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Despite there not being any factual knowledge of the Guild, such as their base of operations or the count of their members, it is said by few witnesses that they are a group that gathers to worship Demons.[2] According to Warrod Sequen, they may have one of the Books of Zeref in their possession.[3]

Location and BuildingEdit

Tartarus' guild building

Tartarus' guild building

The Tartarus guild convenes in a large building located in what appears to be a barren wasteland. Standing among the rocky landscape, the building takes the form of a giant, slight ruined, castle. The structure itself is very big in size, containing at least three separate sections all atop one another. The two main bodies of the castle are noticeably squarer in shape and decorated with numerous crenulations, whilst the turrets and roof of the castle are more curved, their balustrade lined with decorative machicolations and their spires topped with fancy ornaments. At the gate to the castle stand two large statues.

Surrounding the Tartarus headquarters and protruding from the rock are a number of spines, these appearing quite large in size. Whether they are part of the natural landscape or were put there is unknown.

Silver, one of Tartarus' core members, described the entire building as "a sickening piece of architecture".[4]

This castle itself is located on a floating island, shaped like, as well as named, Cube.[5]


One of their members, the Devil Slayer Silver, was able to freeze the entire Sun Village, its giant occupants, and even the Flame Dragon Atlas Flame, alone.[6] Another member, Jackal, single-handedly killed the entirety of the Magic Council(with the exception of Doranbolt) in a few explosions,[7] while Ezel seems to have cut a whole village.[8] According toCobra, all members of Tartarus are Demons from the Books of Zeref, with the strongest Demon, E.N.D., being their leader.[9]