Eve tearm
Eve Tearm



Ivu Tirumu


Holy Night




[1] Male


16 (debut) 
23 (X791)

Hair Color


Eye Color

Dark Green

Professional Status

[2] Blue Pegasus

Previous Affiliation

[3] Magic Council

Guild Mark Location

Left Arm



Previous Occupation

Rune Knight


The Trimens

Previous Team

Allied Forces Team Blue Pegasus

Base of Operations

Blue Pegasus Guild

Personal Status



Snow Magic

Manga Debut

Chapter 132

Anime Debut

Episode 52

Game Debut

Fairy Tail Gekitotsu! Kardia Daiseidou

Japanese Voice

Fuyuka Ōura

English Voice

Daniel Litwin

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Eve Tearm (イヴ・ティルム Ivu Tirumu), also known as Holy Night Eve, is one of the Mages who belongs to the Blue Pegasus Guild's team The Trimens.[1]




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[4]Eve's appearance after the timeskipEve was initially portrayed as a slim, rather short boy with blonde hair kept in a neat bowl cut, with a few wayward strands covering his forehead, and others jutting upwards on top of his head; he had large dark eyes.[1] Seven years later, Eve grew into a young man, gaining sharper facial features and narrower eyes, while at the same time changing his hairstyle, which has grown longer, wavier and slightly messier.[2]

Eve's initial attire consisted of a black suit, with its sleeves and lower legs adorned by cross-like motifs outlined in a light color and its left shoulder bearing Blue Pegasus' symbol. Under it was a lilac shirt, with a darker purple tie around the neck, and polished loafers.[3][4] After the timeskip, Eve switched to a more casual outfit, with a short-sleeved shirt left untucked over dark suit pants complementing the tie around his neck, covered in light and dark diagonal stripes, and dark shoes.[2]


Eve, like his teammates, is a womanizer, and tries to warm up to a woman by using his disposition, as a young man, to his advantage. Eve, also like his teammates, has great respect for Ichiya, and, as such, immediately apologized to Erza upon arriving at the misconceived notion that she and Ichiya were an item, as, by disrespecting her, he was disrespecting Ichiya. Eve is also very polite, and addresses those whom are superior to him with the proper honorifics.[5]

After the timeskip, Eve's personality and mannerisms remain largely unchanged.[6]


Eve was originally trained to be one of the Magic Council's Rune Knights, but, with the Council's dissolution, Eve had nowhere to go. With his possible future now in shambles, Eve joined Blue Pegasus and became a part of its team: The Trimens.[7]


Oración Seis arcEditEdit

Eve likes Erza
Eve likes Erza

Eve, along with Hibiki Lates and Ren Akatsuki, acts as a greeter to the other members of the Allied Forces as they enter Bob's Palace, though the three of them only direct their attention to, and try to attract, Lucy Heartfilia and Erza Scarlet.[8] Upon Ichiya's introducution, however, Eve, along with the rest of The Trimens, upon reaching the misconceived notion that Erza is Ichiya's lover, apologize, and wisk away their courting materials.[9] Having taken notice ofGray, Eve, along with Ichiya and his teammates, asks him to leave, as they are only interested in women. Eve then watches, stunned, as Ichiya is punched by Erza, and comments on Ichiya's poor treatment as Lyon Vastia's throws the former back towards the group. With the mayhem in Bob's Palace escalating, Eve, alongside the other Trimens, prepares to engage in group fight, but is stopped by Jura. Eve, along with the other delegates, is then surprised that, upon her arrival, the delegate from Cait Shelter is a little girl: Wendy.[10]

Still reeling from the revelation that the Cait Shelter delegate is Wendy, Eve once again succumbs to surprise after Carlaarrives. Whilst Hibiki points Wendy towards the lounge, Eve rebuts Ren's statement of Wendy's possible future beauty, saying that she is plenty beautiful enough right now. Eve then joins in with his teammates courtship of Wendy, much to Carla's chagrin. After briefing the others on what Nirvana is and whom the Oración Seis are, the group sets off to find them.[11]

Soon thereafter, Eve and the other members of the Allied Forces witness the Magic Bomber - Christina's destruction, courtesy of the Oración Seis. Eve is then shocked to witness the Dark Guild's arrival. The entire Allied Forces is then defeated, with The Trimens being easily swept aside by Racer.[12] Upon Brain's abduction of Wendy and Happy, he aims a powerful spell at the Allied Forces, intent upon wiping them out. Luckily, however, Eve and the others are saved by Jura, who, in turn, had been saved by Ichiya. Eve and his teammates then proceed to praise Ichiya for his"resourcefulness". Startled at Carla's use of Aera, Eve listens as she explains that they cannot blindly enter the Dark Guild's territory, and then proceeds to blush as Erza removes Lucy's belt, causing the latter's skirt to fall down. As Erza demands that someone remove her poisoned arm, Eve and Ren cringe. As Lyon complies to Erza's wish, Eve yells for him to stop, saying that he's going too far, only for Jura to reply that it is what Erza wants. As Gray halts Lyon's blade, Erza collapses, and Eve points out that the poison is circulating quite rapidly. Eve and the alliance's fears, however, turn to naught, as Carla points out that Wendy can heal others, and that to save Erza, all they must do is save Wendy, whom she reveals to be the Sky Dragon Slayer. The alliance, with their hope lit anew, regroups, and splits up in search of Oración Seis' base.[13]

Eve and Ren stick together, and as they near the Oración Seis' hideout, they encounter Dark Unicorn, one of the Dark Guilds controlled by the Oración Seis.[14] The two manage to defeat the Dark Guild, and are told where the Oración Seis' hideout is.[15]

Eve and Ren see Nirvana's light affect a tree
Eve and Ren see Nirvana's light affect a treeDelving further into the forest, Eve and Ren see the light signalling Nirvana's release, and see its effects on a nearby tree. Seeing this, Eve deduces that someone had found Nirvana, and he and Ren try to contact Hibiki, but Eve states that Nirvana is interfering with their connection. Eve and Ren then go their separate ways, with one going to investigate Nirvana, and the other to continue searching for Happy and Wendy.[16] Eve, on his traveling path, encounterMidnight, and is defeated by the Dark Mage, commenting that none of his spells were able to hit him. Before Eve can run away, however, Midnight turns to him again, and tortures him, causing Eve to scream out in pain.[17]
Eve and Hibiki control Christina to stop Zero
Eve and Hibiki control Christina to stop ZeroEve assists in piloting the heavily damaged Christina, along with the other Trimens, sans Ichiya, Sherry, and Lyon, wherein he used his Snow Magic as ammunition to prevent Zero from destroying Cait Shelter by attacking one of Nirvana's legs. Eve remarks that even with the entirety of his Magic Power poured into the blast, he couldn't destroy the leg. Eve and the other members of the Allied Forces aboard the Christina then collapse, having exhausted the remainder of their Magic Power, resulting in the Magic Bomber once again descending from the sky.[18] After the Oración Seis are defeated and Nirvana is stopped, the Allied Forces regroups at the Cait Shelter Guild, where they learn that Roubaul is a ghost of the Nirvit Tribe, the ones who made Nirvana, and that the entire Guild is a fabrication that Roubaul devised to make Wendy happy.[19]

X791 arcEditEdit

Eve, along with the rest of The Trimens, visits Fairy Tail to inform them that Tenrou Island may still exist.[20]

Grand Magic Games arcEditEdit

Eve arrives as a member of Team Blue Pegasus
Eve arrives as a member of Team Blue PegasusDuring the Grand Magic Games, The Trimens, along with another member, who is dressed in a rabbit costume, pass the preliminaries, Sky Labyrinth, in fifth place.[21] Eve represents Blue Pegasus for the first event of the Games: "Hidden".[22]After the other competitors gather in the center of the Domus Flau, Gray asks them what Mato actually is, and Eve states that they see him every year, but they do not know much about him. He then bows to the referee, saying that the costume must be hard to work in.[23] When the event begins, Eve, and several of the other competitors, deduce that the event works in a similar manner to hide-and-seek, as they must hide from others in the sea of clones, but attack the real versions of the competitors as well.[24]
Eve uses his Snow Magic in the Hidden event
Eve uses his Snow Magic in the Hidden eventEve eventually goes on the offensive during the event, and uses his Snow Magic to make it snow across the city, concluding that real people shiver in the cold, and he will be able to see a real person's breath because of the lowered temperature. With this strategy, Eve easily scores three points.[25] However, he is soon attacked by Team Sabertooth's Rufus Lore, who easily wins the event with hisMemory-Make Magic.[26] At the end of the game, Eve scores four points for his team, coming granting him fourth place.[27]
Eve faces Rufus' spell
Eve faces Rufus' spellDuring the Third Day's battle portion, Eve and Rufus reunite once more, only this time, on the battle field. Eve attacks his opponent with White Fang, but Rufus states that he's memorized Eve's Magic. As Lahar talks to Yajima about Eve's past affiliation with the Rune Knights Rufus attacks with Memory-Make: Karma of the Burning Land, defeating Eve.[28]
The Trimens' usual approach to women
The Trimens' usual approach to womenDespite his heavy injuries, Eve later joins the other Trimens on a trip to Ryuzetsu Land, a popular leisure center in Crocus. When they arrive, the four quickly get into their host persona and approach Erza and Lucy, who are sunbathing nearby. Standing beside Lucy and covered from head to toe in bandages, Eve states that he will happily become Lucy's pet, should she ask. Unfortunately for the men, Erza and Lucy become annoyed by the attention, and Erza proceeds to yell at them, with Eve being scolded for even turning up with such injuries.[29] A little while later, Gray and Lyon fight and freeze the pool, with Natsu deciding to get rid of the ice by using his own Magic. Eve and the Trimens are sent flying when Natsu employs more power than necessary, and ends up face down in the rubble of the building, naked and completely dazed.[30]
The Trimens prepare to attack
The Trimens prepare to attackDuring the last day of the Grand Magic Games, Eve enters with the rest of his team, currently placing fifth, overall, in the Grand Magic Games.[31] Eve then hears the rules of the final event: the competitors of each them must defeat each other in order to score points.[32] He partners up with Hibiki and Ren to search for the competitors, finding and defeating Beth Vanderwood and Araña Webb in the process.[33] Once team Fairy Tail enters the fray, Gajeel Redfox eliminates both Eve and Ren with his Iron Dragon's Roar. Hibiki attempted to escape as per his allies' request, but was caught by Gray Fullbuster.[34]

Reunited after their guild's elimination, The Trimens watch the remainder of the final event. Erza ScarletKagura Mikazuchi and Minerva begin their intense, three-way battle, which is attentively followed by Eve.[35] Upon hearing, with the rest of his team, that Fairy Tail has managed to overcome all their opponents and win the Grand Magic Games, Eve smiles, commenting that their victory is like a welcome home gift for those who were lost on Tenrou Island.[36]

After the Grand Magic Games have come to a close, the King of Fiore summons all the Mages from the Guilds that competed in the Grand Magic Games, and tells them that Dragons are going to invade Fiore. The King then requests their assistance against the Dragons who survive the Eclipse Cannon, to which Eve, and the rest of the Mages, all raucously declare that they will help. Blue Pegasus prepares to give it their all, with Eve pondering the potential clash between Dragons and Pegasi.[37] Minutes after seven Dragons enter Fiore, Eve and his Guildmates are confronted by a hefty looking Dragon; shocked to see a real Dragon up close.[38]

After Natsu mentions that the seven Dragon Slayers will defeat the seven Dragons that passed the gate, Eve realizes that his guild has no Dragon Slayers. Soon, a weird smell reaches his nose, which turns out to be Ichiya's attempt to defeat a Dragon using his armpit perfume. Although the latter fails, Cobra shows up just in time to say that he will take on that Dragon.[39] [5]Eve and Blue Pegasus try and persuade Yukino to join themEve is among the many Mages that, following the destruction of the Eclipse Gate and the defeat of the Future Rogue Cheney, attend a banquet hosted by the King. As the banquet starts, Eve and the rest of The Trimens happily greet Bacchusalongside Ichiya.[40] Eve and his teammates then join the dispute over which guildYukino Aguria is to join, where he states, with Hibiki, that someone as beautiful as her should join Blue Pegasus. Then following a quick brawl (which is halted byArcadios), Eve is shocked to witness Natsu coming out to greet them in Toma E. Fiore's stead, having stolen the man's clothes and crown.[41]

Magic and AbilitiesEditEdit

[6]Snow MagicSnow Magic (雪魔法 Yuki Mahō): A type of Magic which allows Eve to produce and control snow, and which has been described as powerful enough to turn Eve's surroundings into "a world of purest white" in an instant. His control over snow grants him the offensive abilities to generate snowballs or avalanches against his foes.[7] However, users of Ice-Make Magic, or generally individuals resistant to cold, are either immune to Snow Magic or more resilient to it than other people.[42] Such Magic can be employed in conjunction with heavy Magical ammunition, such as the one found on Blue Pegasus' airship Christina, to perform more powerful, large-scale attacks.[43]

  • White Blizzard: Through the use of his Snow Magic, Eve can prompt snowflakes to fall from the sky in a large area, drastically lowering the place's temperature; something which causes human opponents to shiver, at the same time rendering their breath visible.[44]
<div class="floatright">White Out</div>White Out*Blizzard: Eve has shown the ability to generate and control blizzards, moving them around through hand gestures and using the blunt power granted by their cold winds to strike multiple targets.[42]
  • White Out (ホワイト アウト Howaito Auto): Eve extends his arm frontwards, summoning forth his Magic Seal and enveloping the immediate area around him in a large snowstorm which, according to his own words, steals away his foes' visibility and at the same time freezes them. This technique's execution covers everything within the place where it is cast with snow, including the enemies struck by it.[45]
<div class="floatright">White-Fury</div>White Fury*White Fury (ホワイト フュり Howaito Fyuri): Eve extends his right arm forward, with his hand open, and then places his left hand on his right forearm. This prompts a medium-sized snowstorm to be generated from his right palm and fired towards the target. The snowstorm, starting out as rather small near Eve's hand, grows larger as it moves away from Eve and nears the opponent. This spell can be rapidly used in subsequent reprise, even while Eve is moving.[46]
  • White Fang (ホワイトファング Howaito Fangu): Eve swings both hands into a clawing-like position, conjuring an offensive spell made out of snow that attacks the aimed target. This was used by Eve during the battle with Rufus, but the attack was easily dodged.[47]
  • Snow Clone: Eve creates a clone made of snow, in an exact likeness of himself, to intercept an incoming attack, distracting the opponent, and thereby allowing him to launch a counterattack.[48] (Unnamed)