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It shall begin soon... Darkness will pour forth from the doors of hell... A darkness to swallow all of the world's light.

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Fairy Tail - Series Timeline

Fairy Tail - Series Timeline

Did You Know?
  • ...that Walrod was supposed to be an Exceed?
  • ...that all of the members of Tartarus are Demons?
  • ...that the origin of Wendy's name came from "Wednesday"?
Poll Results

And the results are in! It was yet another race between three characters in the beginning, but one has prevailed. Your female valentine, with 1145 votes out of 4175 is, you guessed it, Erza "Titania" Scarlet!!! With the favorite male valentine being Jellal, and female valentine being Erza, who would be out of their mind and think that Jerza will never happen?! Let us give a hand to the king and queen of the valentine poll!! The full results are as follows:





1 Erza Scarlet 1145 27.43%
2 Mirajane Strauss 756 18.11%
3 Lucy Heartfilia 663 15.88%
4 Juvia Lockser 315 7.54%
5 Cana Alberona 186 4.45%
6 Wendy Marvell 179 4.29%
7 Lisanna Strauss 170 4.07%
8 Why didn't you put <insert character name> on the poll?!! 118 2.83%
9 Mavis Vermillion 110 2.63%
10 Ultear Milkovich 93 2.23%
11 Yukino Aguria 71 1.70%
12 Meredy 70 1.68%
13 Kagura Mikazuchi 68 1.63%
14 Ooba Babasaama 416 0.98%
15 Sayla 37 0.89%
16 Éclair 31 0.75%
17 Evergreen 29 0.69%
18 Sorano Aguria (Angel) 24 0.57%
19 Millianna 22 0.53%
20 Minerva Orlando 18 0.43%
21 Jenny Realight 15 0.36%
22 Chelia Blendy 14 0.34%
Reacent Anime Episode

Episode 181: Fairy Tail vs. Executioners

Fairy Tail Episode 181 English Subbed-0

Fairy Tail Episode 181 English Subbed-0

Watch Fairy Tail episode 181 Here

The fight between the Garou Knights and the Rescue Team continues, with a massive explosion splitting them up and forcing the members of both groups into one-on-one fights. Meanwhile, in the Grand Magic Games, where only the strong Mages remain, Minerva stumbles upon Millianna. What does Cosmos do that frightens Wendy so much? What true power lies behind Uosuke's smiling face? The latest episode Fairy Tail vs. Executioners is up! Watch the story continue!

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Rustyrose (ラスティローズ Rasutirōzu) is one of Grimoire Heart's top Mages, being a member of the Seven Kin of Purgatory. He is a user of the Lost Magic Arc of Embodiment, a powerful Magic that allows him to materialize anything he imagines. In the year X784, he joined his guild as they searched for the Dark Mage Zeref on Tenrou Island, where he fought against numerous Fairy Tail Mages, defeating bothElfman and Evergreen in his desire to reach the Ultimate Magic World.

Recent Chapters
Chapter 383: Wave Rider Lucy----

Spoiler alert! Read at your own risk!  Please do not assume that this is a correct translation until further notice.

Chapter 383
With Lucy being the only remaining Fairy Tail member in CubeMard Geer starts game to get the members of Tartarus to hunt her down and kill her. Fighting back the soldiers, Lucy is confronted byTorafusaand Lamy, and summons Loke and Virgo to fight them off. However, Jackal also appears and attacks her, forcing the exhausted Mage to open a third gate and bring Aquarius out to battle.

Read the full summary here.

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