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Wōren Rakkō




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30 (X791)

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[2] Fairy Tail



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Warren (Edolas)



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Chapter 2

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Episode 42

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Daisuke Kageura

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Gregory Lush

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Warren Rocko (ウォーレン・ラッコー Wōren Rakkō) is a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild.

Appearance Edit

Warren Personality picture
Warren's former appearance

Warren is a slim man of average height with black, straight hair, which was initially styled in anundercut-like fashion, with most of it being kept quite short aside from a prominent wisp on the right part of his face. Warren has black eyes and a mildly prominent nose, with his most distinctive facial feature being likely his long, and thick lips. After the disappearance of Tenrou Island, the only difference in Warren's appearance seems to be the haircut, with his hair being now left free to partially cover his forehead, being styled in a single prominent spike on top of his head.[1]

Warren initially donned a high-collared red jacket, with striped brown padding over the shoulders and neck areas, with part of it protruding downwards on the chest, following the zip closing the jacket. Each of its light-colored cuffs bore a line on the back edge, and the jacket was closed around Warren’s waist by a light belt with a round buckle, somehow shaped like a mechanical device, with a small, dark capsized pyramid on it. He also wore a pair of light-colored pants tucked inside boots, with the parts covering his feet being black, and the ones coming down from his elbows being reminiscent of light, loose shin-guards made of cloth.[2] After the time skiip, Warren switched to a long, double-breasted sleeveless green tunic held closed on the chest by four buttons, with pale green sleeves emerging from under it, tucked inside long, similarly-colored gloves, and a light green sash circling his waist.[3] He also wears light-colored pants, similarly tucked inside simple boots.[4]


Warren, although he may not look it, is classified as one of the more powerful Mages in the guild, and he has gone on a huge number of jobs alone. His fear of heights causes him many problems in his life. At one point he took a girl on a date, but as they were crossing a bridge, his mental shouts of "Help, save me!!! I'm scared!!!" were heard by everyone in town.[2]


Macao arcEditEdit

[3]Warren is seen drinking with Fairy Tail members

When Natsu DragneelLucy Heartfilia and Happy enter the guild, Warren is drinking with a group of his guild mates that includes Vijeeter Ecor.[5] Warren then joins the fight with the rest of his guild when Natsu starts an all-out guild battle by kicking Krov in the face.[6] However, the battle stops when the masterarrives and begins to scold the guild members, including Warren.[7][8]

Lullaby arcEditEdit

When Erza Scarlet and the others return after subduing Eisenwald and LullabyErza and Natsu fight each other as a fulfillment of Erza's promise to Natsu before the mission. Most of the members of the guild are present to watch the fight, including Warren.[9] However, the fight is interrupted when a messenger from the Magic Council arrives and arrests Erza.[10]

Phantom Lord arcEditEdit

[4]Warren attacks Phantom LordWhen no one is inside the guild, Gajeel Redfox, a Mage from the Phantom LordGuild, attacks and damages the building.[11] He later attacks the members of Team Shadow GearLevy McGardenJet and Droy. These two unprovoked attacks cause Master Makarov to declare war and charge towards the rival guild, bringing with him most of his Mages, including Warren.[12][13] Warren manages to defeat a few Phantom Lord members but is ultimately defeated by Gajeel in one hit.[14]

Fighting Festival arcEditEdit

Warren in battle
Warren and Gray contacting Fairy Tail membersWarren is forced to fight Max Alors in order to escape from Freed's runes and successfully manages to defeat him.[15]

Just as Erza is about to sacrifice herself to save Magnolia by destroying Laxus'Thunder Palace, Warren uses his telepathy to contact all of the guild members. He tells all the guild members that they all need to come together to take out Laxus' Magic that will destroy the town. Erza asks how Warren knew about the situation and it is revealed that Warren was with Gray Fullbuster, who told him about it.[16] [5]Warren and Gray hit by Thunder Palace's effectThen Max, the person Warren beat in the festival, gets angry at Warren for beating him up. This makes everybody angry at their other guild members for their senseless fights. Gray then yells so they can just concentrate on beating Laxus. Soon, everybody destroys the circle of lighting and all the guild members get electrocuted. Everybody feels good and is amazed at how good and united their guild is.[17]

Tenrou Island arcEditEdit

[6]Fighting again...Warren is seen at the guild with other Fairy Tail members when Lisanna returns from Edolas. He also joins the welcoming party and later is dragged into the usual fight among the guild members.[18]

Warren is also present at the S-Class Trial announcement. He is one of those who answer Lucy's questions about the exam and tells her that the exam is always very hard.[19]

X791 arcEditEdit

[7]Warren's sadnessSeven years after the destruction of Tenrou Island, the guild is reduced into a small tavern with only a few members remaining, one of whom is Warren. WhenNab gets annoyed about the few job requests that are sent to them, Warren tells him to ignore it, saying that he doesn't even take any jobs. After Droy shouts thatLevy will never come back, everyone in the guild falls silent just as a group of men from the rival guild, Twilight Ogre, enter the guild and begin to demand for payment for the debt that the Fairies owe them. The new master, Macao Conbolt, informs them that they were unable to collect enough money to make the payment. The group then leaves after trashing the guild and promises to return next month for the money.[20] [8]Warren seeing Blue Pegasus' arrivalAfter the group leaves, everyone in the guild notices Reedus' sketch book littered on the floor. The sketch book contains Reedus' sketches of the guild members back when the guild was strong and complete. Seeing the sketches, everyone in the guild begins to grieve and reminisce about what has happened since the disappearance of their comrades. Suddenly, the guild hears a sound and everyone heads outside only to see Blue Pegasus's ChristinaThe Trimens then get off the Magic Bomber and inform the guild that they have detected something in the Eternano waters and that Tenrou Island still exists.[21] [9]Warren returns with the lost fairiesIn one last attempt to find their guild mates, Warren, joined by AlzackBisca,Jet, Droy and Max, heads towards the place where the island was destroyed. During their voyage, they encounter a girl with long curly hair standing on top of the ocean. The girl then raises both her hands and Tenrou Island, inside a sphere bearing the mark of the guild, appears before them. The group then follows the girl who leads them to Natsu's motionless and half-buried body.[22]

Warren returns with all the missing Fairy Tail members and lets them explain how they were saved by Mavis Vermilion, the first Fairy Tail Master. The rest of the guild then cries in joy of their return.[23]

Key of the Starry Sky arcEditEdit

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material. Click "show" to read the arc plot. [show]

Grand Magic Games arcEditEdit

A few weeks after the Tenrou Team's return, Warren watches Natsu and Max fight. As Natsu greatly struggles against Max, Warren starts to wonder if their new strength during the seven years means they can beat Natsu now, though he quickly changes his mind after Natsu uses Lightning Flame Dragon's Roar, which makes Max forfeit.[34] [10]Warren shocked after seeing MavisWarren is present when Makarov announces Gildarts as the next master, but instead Makarov realizes Gildarts has declined the role, but not before reinstatingLaxus Dreyar as a guild member and making Makarov the master again.[35] After this, Romeo brings up a way for Fairy Tail to become the number one guild in Fiore again by participating in the Grand Magic Games. Warren opposes this with other members, but once Makarov hears the prize is 30,000,000 [11], he makes the guild participate.[36]Warren then joins the other Fairy Tail members as a spectator in the arena ofGrand Magic Games, the Domus Flau. He is shocked when he sees that Mavis Vermilion is also there to support the Fairy Tail team.[37] When Fairy Tail's second team, Team Fairy Tail B, enters, Fairy Tail cheers again, and though Mavis notices the man disguised as Mystogan is Jellal Fernandes, she accepts Makarov's decision to let him participate.[38]

Warren&#039;s reaction to Gemini&#039;s bath towel
Warren's reaction to Gemini's bath towelDuring Lucy's fight against Flare Corona, Warren, alongside his guild-mates, cheers for Lucy and doesn't notice Flare taking Asuka as hostage to make Lucy vulnerable and punish her.[39] Alongside the others, he is very surprised when Natsu figures out Flare's plan and frees Asuka, allowing Lucy to fight once more.[40] When Gemini, summoned by Lucy, transforms into Lucy only wearing a towel, Warren is happy with the sight. [41] Using Gemini as her aid, Lucy casts Urano Metria, but falls in the fight due to outside influences. With the final battle of the day beginning between Fairy Tail B's Jellal and Jura Neekis, Mavis begins to become uncomfortable, and Warren is shocked to discover it is merely because she needs to use the restroom, and not due to the fact that Fairy Tail is cheating by allowing Jellal to participate in the first place.[42]

Jellal too falls in his battle due to outside interference, but despite Fairy Tail being in the bottom two positions, the guild head out to a bar to celebrate, and Warren tags along, sitting and drinking with Max.[43] He listens in as Makarov gives an encouraging speech to all present, and watches from afar as chaos descends as the guild party.[44] After a number of drinks, Natsu and Max fight, with Natsu easily overpowering the Sand Mage. Seeing Max defeated on the tavern floor, Warren openly wonders how the Tenrou Team managed to improve their skills in such a short period of time.[45]Meanwhile, Cana is approached by a Quatro Cerberus Mage and talked into a drinking contest, and after seeing her fall to the heavy drinker, Warren comments that he has never seen Cana floored before.[46] When Macao and Wakaba try to attack the man for taking Cana's bra, the Mage easily overpowers him, causing Warren to question just who exactly he is.[47] [12]Warren, shocked by Natsu and GajeelThe second day of the Games begins the following morning, and Warren watches on, disgruntled as Gajeel and Natsu lag in last place in the Chariot event due to their motion sickness.[48] Despite their sticky situation, Natsu and Gajeel refuse to give in and shout their want to finish the event to show everyone that Fairy Tail has not fallen, as well as make it up to those who were left behind for the seven years. As he listens to Natsu's speech, Warren begins to cry with the other Fairy Tail members.[49]

The next day, Warren watches happily as Erza volunteers for and dominates in the Pandemonium event.[50] Due to the other participants needing to rank too, a secondary event is soon organized, and upon seeing Cana step forward for the B Team to compete, Warren wonders aloud whether she is completely wasted, having drunk before and during the event.[51] When the battles of the day begin, Laxus is called forth to battle Team Raven Tail's Alexei. Due to the previous cheating by the said team, Warren puts his Telepathy Magic to use to communicate to Bisca, the Thunder God Tribe and Lisanna, all of whom are stationed to watch Ivan Dreyar and Team Raven Tail to make sure they don't get up to anything.[52] The battle begins and Laxus soon takes a thrashing from his opponent. Seeing this and not being able to believe that somebody like Laxus could be overpowered so easily, Warren hastily contacts those on watch, only to hear that Raven Tail appear to be up to nothing, having not moved since the battle commenced.[53] However, Raven Tail have in fact cheated, the Team Raven Tail members in the audience being mere illusions, whilst the entire team all appear before Laxus and attack him. Witnessing the heart-throbbing fight that follows, Warren, alongside other Fairy Tail members, celebrates Laxus's victory over Raven Tail.[54] [13]Chaos at Ryuzetsu LandLater, Warren and the other Fairy Tail members party at a local bar for their successful day.[55] Warren, along with Vijeeter, is laughing as Natsu crashes into a pile of barrels, Gajeel and Wendy.[56] He continues to laugh while watching Lisanna being forced by Natsu to barrel surf.[57] later that night, Warren cheers in joy with Jet and Droy as the guild decides to visit Ryuzetsu Land.[58] While there, he and Max praise Wendy and Chelia's innocence as they play.[59] He ends up fainting with the rest of the people there as Natsu attempts to thaw a frozen pool with his Magic.[60]

On the fourth day of the Games, the Grand Magic Games administration decides to reorganize the teams due to Team Raven Tail's disqualification; Fairy Tail as a result reorganizes its team to consist of five members.[61] Warren, together with his fellow Fairy Tail friends, is seen in the audience, proud of their new "strongest team", comprising of Natsu Dragneel, Gajeel Redfox, Gray Fullbuster, Laxus Dreyar and Erza Scarlet.[62]

The tag battles begin soon after, and upon seeing that the bunny member of Blue Pegasus is none other than Nichiya, Warren is speechless.[63] During the end of the battle between Natsu, Rogue and Sting, Warren watches in shock with the rest of the guild as he waits to see what happened after Natsu's attack.[64] At the end of the match, Warren joyfully witnesses Natsu defeat Sting and Rogue alone, leaving Fairy Tail in the ranking's first place at the end of the fourth day.[65]

Soon after, the final day of the games gets under-way and the participating teams enter the Domus Flau. Along with the rest of the guild, Warren watches as Team Fairy Tail enters the arena and happily cheers for them.[66] [14]Warren inquiring into Mavis' strategyWhen the final event begins, the entire audience and all of the participants are shocked to see that Team Fairy Tail is merely standing by and doing nothing. It is soon revealed that the Team Fairy Tail is acting according to Mavis' battle strategy, which proves to be very effective, as Fairy Tail climbs to the top of the ranking again, much to Warren's happiness and excitement.[67] After hearing that Mavis calculated Gray and Rufus Lore's meeting, Warren, happy to hear this, asks Mavis if that means Gray's victory is secure. However, Mavis tells him and the rest of his guild that Gray winning this fight is still uncertain, but that it is vital that he wins; since Rufus is the key to Sabertooth's strategy.[68] Gray though, manages to utilize all of his new-found abilities to take out the fight, earning Team Fairy Tail a point and greatly pleasing Warren.[69] [15]A happy Warren cheers over Fairy Tail's winningsWith Gray's victory, the Fairy Tail members get excited and confident over they triumph in the Games, mainly Warren, getting cocky because of his Guild's first position on the ranking.[70] However, Mavis' strategy soon reveals a miscalculation, as Erza Scarlet meets Kagura Mikazuchi instead of Minerva. This prompts her to sadden and cry, which Makarov tries to remedy by ordering the Mages to console her immediately, much to Warren's discomfort.[71] When the threesome between Erza, Kagura and Minerva is announced, Warren covers his face in disappointment.[72]

During the fight between Erza and Kagura, when Kagura effortlessly beats Erza, Warren is shocked to see that the match is so one-sided without Kagura unsheathing her sword yet.[73] He later watches in shock as Kagura unsheathes her sword in fury and aims for Erza, who apologizes to her opponent.[74] [16]Warren's happinessEven with her bruises and cuts, Erza manages to rise again and take down Kagura, but before Warren can celebrate too much, Gajeel and Rogue begin to fight in another part of the capital. During the fight, Gajeel consumes Rogue's Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic, and, seeing him do so, Warren comments on how scary he appears.[75] However, when Gajeel uses this power up to win the fight, Warren can do nothing but cheer.[76] Warren is later left latching on Max in fear after seeing the extents of Jura's strength through Orga's defeat.[77] Seconds after Team Fairy Tail is announced as the winning Guild, Warren is seen crying his heart out and celebrating the joyous moment.[78][79]

After the Grand Magic Games have come to a close, the King of Fiore accumulates all of the Mages from all Guilds to acknowledge them of the impending disaster and what the Kingdom plans to do to combat against the calamity. The King continues on to request for their assistance against the remaining Dragons who survive from the Eclipse Plan, to which Warren and the rest of the Mages all agree in unison.[80]

Later, when Makarov announces that Fairy Tail is to protect the town square from the Dragons, Warren wonders what will become of the other guilds, but Max tells him that they have been assigned to keep other areas safe.[81] Shortly thereafter, Warren stands next to his friends as he senses an incredible amount of Magic power being released from the Eclipse Gate's location.[82] When one of the Dragons released from the Eclipse Gate unleashes a devastating attack that rips through Crocus, Warren is taken aback by the sheer ferocity of the attack.[83] [17]Atlas Flame appears before Fairy TailWhen the Dragon Atlas Flame appears in front of Fairy Tail, Warren is left in a state of shock, due to having actually seen a real Dragon. When Atlas finishes introducing itself, Warren and the entire Guild are blown away by the burning Dragon's fiery Dragon's Roar.[84] As the smoke clears, Warren is revealed to be shaken, but otherwise unharmed from Atlas Flame's attack.[85] Later on, as the Dragon circling Crocus is attacked, causing it cry out in pain, Max looks into the sky, wondering what caused such a thing to occur.[86] Hearing Natsu's words that encourage the Dragon Slayers to fight back against the Dragons, Warren watches as Laxus moves to confront Atlas Flame head on, and listens as he demands that they take out the other lizard-like creatures that one of the Dragons hatched shortly before.[87] With the destruction of the Eclipse Gate, the Dragons and theHatchlings proceed to vanish, granting Warren and the rest of the Fairy Tail Mages victory.[88] [18]Warren at the Great BanquetShortly thereafter, Warren and the participants of the Grand Magic Games are all invited to the great banquet held by the royal family. Seeing as Levy, and several other Fairy Tail Mages, is worried that Natsu is not present, he reassures the pondering maiden that he probably dozed off somewhere.[89] Seconds later, however, he is involved in the discussion of which Guild Yukino should join, supporting Fairy Tail, but the small fight is soon brought to an end when Arcadios appears and announces that the King has arrived. Much to Warren's shock, Natsu has taken the King's wardrobe and crown, telling the Mages that he has become the King.[90]

Warren returns to Magnolia Town with the rest of Fairy Tail, moved by the fact that, after coming in last place for seven years, they finally managed to win the tournament. Moments later, he is happy to see that the people of Magnolia helped rebuild their guild's building, and welcome them back with open arms.[91]

Sun Village arcEditEdit

Talking with his guildmates in the restored guild hall, Warren becomes extremely flabbergasted when Makarov reveals that the request they've received is from Warrod Sequen, one of the Ten Wizard Saints and one of the Four Gods of Ishgar.[92]

Tartarus arcEditEdit

[19]Warren tries to stop NatsuWarren is put on the defensive as Elfman stares him down, believing he made googly eyes at Lisanna.[93] Warren, along with several others, attempts to stop Natsu from rampaging by pinning him to the floor, whilst the Dragon Slayer begs to be release in order to take revenge on Tartarus. Albeit, just like Makarov, Warren refuses as he claims that they lack intel. Before long, and after they release Natsu, Loke enters the guild and announces that he knows the location of several councilors, leading Makarov to form teams in order to send them out to protect Tartarus' targets. Warren stays beside his companions as they cheer in joy when Makarov declares war on Tartarus.[94] [20]Fairy Tail begins its counterattackTogether with his comrades, Warren and the others are contacted via Communications Lacrima by Lucy, where he learns that Michello was successfully protected and that Natsu defeated a member of Tartarus.[95] Warren later tells Makarov that they've found the addresses of all sixteen former Council members and that they've succeeded in getting the other local guilds to help protect the rest.[96] After the teams return from their mission to track down the former Council members, Warren and the other Fairy Tail members worriedly discuss the whereabouts of Natsu, Elfman, Lisanna, Mirajane and Erza. When Happy returns to the guild, he reveals that the former chairman is allied with Tartarus, as well as the fact that Natsu, Erza and Mirajane are all their prisoners, which spreads panic upon the guild and triggers Warren's disbelief. Warren then witnesses Levy saying that she will definitely find Tartarus' hideout, as well as Elfman's return from his mission.[97] He looks on as Elfman expresses his incapability to save Lisanna and Yuri, and later turns his attention towards Cana as she snaps at Elfman for not handling the situation.[98] Later, with a shocked expression etched onto his face, Warren learns that Levy has located Tartarus' headquarters; they are directly above them. However, the guild is then encompassed in an explosion;[99] Warren and the rest of the guild members are saved by Cana, who traps them all in her Magic Cards. Warren and the rest of the guild are then flown to Undercube, where Cana releases them, thereby allowing Fairy Tail to begin its counterattack.[100]

During the battle, Warren looks on as Erza emerges into the scene by creating a giant hole throughout Cube, astonishing him and the other Guild members.[101] Warren screams Erza's name in relief as he sees her landing. The Fairy Tail Mages then proceed to go through the breach Erza created in order to reach the upper part of Cube.[102] He later is able to make telepathic contact with the entire guild, letting them all know that Mira is safe with his group. He then relays Lucy's message to the guild explaining that Wendy and Carla were able to destroy Face, and Happy's message to Makarov about meeting Hades' spirit and the former master's advice to 'release the light'. Before their conversation can continue, Mard Geer hijacks the mental link and causes Warren to fall from the pain.[103] He is then sucked into the surface of the mobile island alongside the rest of the guild; left to be petrified in the stone.[104]

Magic & AbilitiesEditEdit

Warren in battle
Warren while using TelepathyTelepathy (念話 Terepashī): A Caster Magic that allows one to converse mind-to-mind.[105] In battle, it's possible for Warren to read his opponent's mind, so he can predict his movements.[106] His skill in this area can also be used to allow others to telepathically contact each other with him as a liaison; and if necessary, Warren can even conduct mass communication on a wide range of effect, as seen when he contacted the scattered members of Fairy Tail throughout Magnolia.[107]